Milking ParlourBefore the mid-term break the 6th Year agricultural class went on a farm trip to Owen’s tillage farm and to Ballindrum dairy farm owned and run by Vincent Gorman.

When we arrived into the farmyard of Owens the first thing that we noticed was how neat and tidy the farmyard was. There was a very advanced system set up to store and dry the grain as it was all monitored on touch screen computers.

They were also very efficient as there was little and no waste with their straw as they chopped, shredded and converted it into little briquettes which increased the farm income. They had a use for everything they produced.

Tea and Scones in GormansAll the gangGavin and studentsLooking at the calves

When we got to Vincent Gormans we were welcomed and made feel very much at home when we received fresh scones with a warm cup of tea which kept the students and teacher content.

We were very impressed with all the investment that has been put into his farm especially with the rotary milking system and the slurry lagoon. We were shown his old way of milking which is quite different towards todays milking techniques.

The farms we visited were welcoming and kind and gave us great information for our project and exam.