School Journal- Compulsory – only available from the school

Subject Books Publisher
    • New: Iontas 2 (Gnáthleibhéal)
    • New: Iontas 2 (Gnáthleibhéal) Workbook – Hardcopy
    • New: Iontas 3 (Ardleibhéal)
    • New: Iontas 3 (Ardleibhéal) Workbook – Hardcopy
Educational Company
  • New: Great Expectations 2
  • Maths Formulae and Tables Booklet (€4) Available in Bookshops
  • Text & Tests to be bought Online in September.
  • Calculator – Casio fx – 83GT Plus or Sharp EL – W531 All Levels
History Keep: Timeline Edco
Geography Keep: New Complete Geography and Workbook Gill & McMillan
CSPE Keep: Stand Up, Speak Up and Workbook Mentor
SPHE New: I Belong 2 Folens
Religious Education Keep: A Question of Faith Edco
Science Keep: Science Matters and Workbook
Home Economics
  • New: Smart Cooking 1
  • Keep: Lifewise and Workbook
C.J. Fallon
Business Studies Keep: Eurobusiness and Workbook Folens
  • New : Bonnes Nouvelles 2
  • New: Bonnes Nouvelles 2 Workbook – Hardcopy
  • Keep: Bonnes Nouvelles 1 and Workbook
C.J. Fallon
  • New: Viel Spaß 2
  • Keep: Viel Spaß 1
C.J. Fallon
Italian Giro d’Italia Book 2 (Available in the school)
Technical Graphics Keep: Understanding Technical Graphics Gill & McMillan
Materials Technology (Wood) Keep: Project Wood Edco
Music New: Sounds Good! Set C – Hardcopy
Keep: Sounds Good – Corebook