George Washington was born in Virginia in 1732. George Washington served in the British army from 1752 -1758. He fought against the French and the Indians with great courage. In 1758 he resigned from the army with rank of General.

After he resigned drone the army he was elected to the Virginia assembly. During his term the intolerable Acts were passed and Washington was the delegate from the Virginia Assembly.Washington supported the Patriot side.

George Washington took command of the American army during the war of independence but, he found the army in terrible shape. His first task was to set out to impose discipline on his men.

The war began to turn bad for the Americans led by Washington as the redcoats captured New York. The patriots set up at Valley Forge and experienced a very harsh winter. George Washington inspired his men to stay and keep fighting as he stayed with his men for the winter. This act by Washington rose the patriots spirits.

Washington set up spy rings to spread false information to the British which constantly confused them. In 1781 Washington and the patriots defeated the British in the decisive battle of the war at Yorktown.

Washington was an inspiring leader during the war and was recognised by America as he was invited to be their first president. He served two terms and ruled the USA wisely. Today the capital city of the USA is named after him.

By Ciaran Condron, Dean, Avril, Sarah- Jane and Ciaran O Farrell .