Our school curriculum reflects the educational vision of Venerable Catherine McAuley and Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice as set out in our Mission Statement.
Ardscoil na Tríonóide exists to provide a centre of learning where Christian values underpin an experience of education which is happy and creative, enabling each participant to strive to fulfil his/her potential.
The curriculum conforms fully with the Rules and Regulations for Secondary Schools, as required by The Department of Education and Science.


The Core Subjects : Religious Education, Gaeilge, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physical Education, Social Personal and Health Education, Civic, Social & Political Education, Science.
Optional Subjects : French, German, Italian, Home Economics, Art, Music, Technical Graphics, Materials Technology (Wood), Business.
Ref: Subject Plans.


The Transition Year Programme is offered as an option to all students who have completed the Junior Certificate. Transition Year is a broadly based programme which comprises traditional academic subjects, careers education, work experience and opportunities for personal and social development. The programme enables the students to take responsibility for their own learning and fosters decision-making skills and self-confidence. Important activities covered during Transition Year are Mini-Company, ECDL, Gaisce, Public Speaking, Road Safety, First Aid and Young Social Innovators.

While the programme varies from year to year, it essentially offers the following range of subjects and activities: Art, Craft and Design, Home Economics, Gaeilge, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, Media Studies, Modern Languages, History, Geography, Music, Computer Studies, Materials Technology (Wood), Design and Communication Graphics, Business Studies, Enterprise, European Studies, Religious Education, Career Guidance.
Life Skills and Leisure Pursuits are timetabled for Wednesday afternoons.
Work experience is managed in 2 x 1 week rotations.
Ref: Transition Year Programme FOLDER 2012 – 2013.

Our aim at Senior Level is to make provision for the different needs, abilities and interests of our students. We therefore offer three Leaving Certificate Programmes:
Leaving Certificate
Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
Leaving Certificate Applied

Leaving Certificate A wide range of subjects are offered.
Core Subjects: Religious Education, Gaeilge, English, Mathematics.
Optional Subjects: Agricultural Science, History, Geography, French, German, Italian, Accounting, Business, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art, Music, Home Economics, Design and Communication Graphics, Construction Studies, Physical Education.
Classes are also timetabled for Guidance Counselling.
Ref: Subject Plans.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (Enhanced Leaving Certificate)
Students study seven subjects plus two mandatory Link Modules – Enterprise Education and The World of Work.
IT skills are required in the preparation of a six item Portfolio which is based on the Link Modules and is submitted for assessment to The State Examinations Commission in sixth year.

The students also sit a Written Exam in May before the Leaving Certificate.
All elements of the programme are accredited in the Leaving Certificate and are also included in the C.A.O. points system.
The programme is offered to all students, subject choices permitting. Places are limited by capacity in the Information Technology Rooms.
80% of students who participate in LCVP nationally use LCVP as part of their points total to access Third Level places. It is currently the fastest-growing programme for leaving Certificate.

Leaving Certificate Applied :
LCA caters for students who do not wish to follow the established Leaving Certificate programme.
The programme is modular and is focused on the completion of Key Assignments in class and on seven Tasks spread over the two years of the LCA.

Completion of the Key Assignments plus seven Tasks plus a Written Terminal Exam result in CREDITS which go to make up the student’s final LCA result.
Over the two years, students are offered Vocational Preparation and Guidance, English and Communications, Mathematic Applications, Introduction to Computers, Gaeilge/French, Leisure and Recreation, Arts Education – Music/Art, Religious Education, Science and Social Education.

In addition the students are offered two Vocational Specialisms. These vary from year to year. Hotel Catering and Tourism and Information and Communications Technology are currently being offered.

Students do Work Placements with businesses on Friday of every week.

Students are highly motivated by the meaningful curriculum and the preparation for the world of work and education which the LCA provides.

At Ardscoil na Tríonóide we recognise that parents are the primary educators of their children. In Religious Education we encourage parents to take responsibility for the Faith Formation of their children and support the Religious Education of the school.

Faith Formation is the responsibility of the whole school community and not just the Religious Education teacher. We provide a Catholic education in accordance with our ethos, enhancing the spiritual, moral and social development of our students. Teaching and learning take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect which seeks to value the young person at every level.

Religious Education is an integral part of the core curriculum and each class has three periods per week. The religious Education Team consisting of the Principal, Chaplain and Religious Education Teachers meet monthly.


Pastoral care is the concern of every staff member. By implementing school policies, the staff create a secure environment for the students. Each class is assigned a Tutor who has particular interest in the care of students in that class. The Year Head monitors the overall progress of the individual student. A Pastoral Care Co-ordinator operates an open door policy and is available to all members of the school community. The co-ordinator meets regularly with the Principal, Deputy Principal and Year Heads and liaises with the Guidance Counsellors.


Ardscoil na Tríonóide provides learning support / resource according to the needs of students and the resources made available to the school by the Department of Education and Skills. The programme involves on-going consultation and co-operation between teachers, parents and other relevant agencies. Students with psychological reports, physical disabilities, general / specific learning difficulties or students identified as having difficulties by subject teacher may be selected for support. Learning support may involve teaching basic numeracy and literacy skills. The department also supports students with project work for practical subjects. This enables students to access other areas of the curriculum, thus maximising their potential.


Guidance and counselling is an integral part of the school’s educational provision. It is offered under the three headings: Personal Counselling, Educational Guidance and Counselling and Career Guidance and Counselling.
The work is done with groups and also on a one-to-one basis. Counselling helps students with coping skills, decision-making, problem-solving and behavioural change and it promotes personal and social development. The counsellors provide careers information and disseminate information on courses. The counsellors are centrally involved in assessments of the psychological and educational needs of students. They refer to qualified professionals outside the school as required. They also evaluate the needs of the school in the area of guidance counselling and consult with parents, staff and the wider community.
Ref: Guidance Counselling Policy.


The school supports a holistic concept of physical activity for its students. This allows the enhancement of self-esteem and the development of a wide range of social and personal skills as well as the acquisition of motor skills and techniques.
In competitive sport, students get the opportunity to represent the school, thus enhancing personal responsibility. The school puts great emphasis on an appreciation of fair play and the ability to accept success and failure with dignity. It is hoped that students will carry these skills into their adult lives.
Ref: Subject folder.


Basketball Rugby Soccer
Gaelic Football Athletics Equestrian Events
Gaisce Charitable Events


Choir Debating Drama
Green Schools Mini-Company Young Social Innovators
Seachtain na Gaeilge Public Speaking European Day of Languages
Young Scientist