On Sunday the 16th of September, a group of 10 students from Ardscoil Na Trionoide competed in the Dragon Boat competition in Dublin at the Grand Canal. The students are all members of the local canoeing club.

The group competed in 3 heats and won them all. They then moved on to the final and were strong enough to win the overall competition. There was a total of 18 people in 1 boat, including the drummer, who kept the beat of the strokes and a steerer at the back. There were 15 boats in the competition, some competitors came all the way from Canada and others from England.

At the front of every boat was a dragons head that represented the Chinese tradition. It was a great win and a memorable experience for the canoeing club, they are all very excited for the next one in 2013.
By Fiona Sunderland