In February 2014 ,members of the bank of ireland athy branch came came to our school to hold interviews with the 12 T.Y students who had applied for a place in the school bank. Each person got a place on the team , the team was split up into two groups of 6 to compete for a ipad mini , whichever team raised the most money for the school got an ipad mini between them. The teams were:

Team 1:

Ciaran Ramsbottum: Assistant manager

Conor Knowles: Bank Manager

Anna Hickey: Sales and marketing

Rebecca Talbot: Customer official

Marc Prior: Customer official

Team 2:

Railtin Minahan:Customer official

Jessica Redmond: Sales and marketing

Adam Ryan: Bank Manager

Aoife Harrington: Assistant Manager

Ciara Bracken: Customer official

We opened the bank every Wednesday from 1:15 to 1:45 .

Our Bank gave people the oppertunity to open an account with Bank Of Ireland and lodge money.

We opened 25 accounts and raised €250 for our school.