Motion: France Was Wrong to Ban the Burkini

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City Lab – The History Behind Cannes Banning the Burkini explores the ordinance of France forbidding women from wearing the modest swimsuit is only the latest instance of dictating Muslim women’s attire.

Check out The European Court of Human Rights factsheet on Religious Symbols and Clothing in State-Schools (page2) to get a better understanding of religious expression in France:

Human Rights Watch – Questions and Answers on Restrictions on Religious Dress and Symbols in Europe:

Allure – History of Past Women’s Clothing Bans:

The New York Times – Beyond the Summer’s Burkini Debate:

The Telegraph – Dress Code Advice for Muslim Travellers Visiting France:

The Independent – Why is the French Police Arresting Women Wearing Full Body Swimwear and Why are People So Angry?:

BBC News – France ‘Burkini Ban’: Court to Decide on Beach Fines

Al Jazeera – French Judge Upholds Burkini Ban on Corsica:

The Guardian – French Police Make Woman Remove Burkini on Nice Beach:


Human Rights Watch – France’s Shameful and Absurd Burkini Ban: Banning Burkini in Wake of Terror Attacks Creates Dangerous Confusion:

The Irish Times – French court rules ‘burkini’ ban infringes rights:

The Guardian – France’s Burkini Ban Exposes the Hypocrisy of its Secularist States:

The New York Times article discusses Frances colonial era, religious symbolism and national identity. Make sure to read France’s ‘Burkini’ Bans Are About More Than Religion or Clothing:

The Journal – France’s Burkini Bans Being Fought as an “Attack on Fundamental Rights”:

Vogue Magazine – Why France Should Lift the Burkini Ban:

The Independent – The Burkini Ban has Nothing to do with Tackling Oppression:


The Journal – Burkini Inventor Says there’s a High Demand from Fair-Skinned Irish Women:


The Economist – Why the French are So Strict about Islamic Head Coverings. Explore the reasons why France continues to make an unapologetic effort to keep religious expression private, and to uphold the country’s republican secular identity.

The Global Network of Collaborating Student Writers – Should We Limit the Display of Religious Symbols in the Public Sphere?:

The Telegraph – Why Should France Accept the Burkini? Its Time to Debate Integration Head-On:

France 24 – France’s Pursuit of Secularism at the Roots of Burkini Debate:

Baptist Missionary Society – Reflections on the Burkini: Symbol of Oppression, Liberation, but mostly Power:

The Week – M&S Burkini: Symbol of Oppression or Good Business Sense? Are M&S profiting from a sexist, restrictive quasi-religious garment?:

National Post – Letters: ‘Leave Your Religious Symbols and Garb at Home’. Read why their readers believe religious symbols and attire should be banned in public spaces:

The Telegrah – Burkini Must be Banned in France, says Nicolas Sarkozy as he Launches Presidential Election Campaign:

Check out Pros for Burkini Ban on: