Subject: eBooks for all secondary teachers and exam students


Teachers and students using iPads will be delighted to hear that Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exam papers are now available as an ebook containing the most popular subjects taken, and for NO COST.

These ebooks are available for all iPad users and iMac/MacBook users who have upgraded to the new Apple operating system (Mavericks) recently.

Please let your teaching staff and students know about this unique offer which is a saving on up to €50 on the purchase of “paper” exam papers which:

    cost money,

    add weight to school bags (10 sets of exam papers X 500 g = 5 kg weight!!!),

    get lost easily,

    have to be bought every year after the state exams in June,

add to our carbon footprint by chopping down trees, converting into paper, transporting to shops etc.

    Why is our ebook better?

    It does not cost

    No extra weight

    You know where it is – on your iPad, iMac or MacBook laptop

    You get free updates after state exams every year. That’s right, so for teachers, its a saving right into the future.

    Much more environmentally friendly than chopping down trees.

If you are still reading this, you might want to know where to get them. Read on.
Method 1:

Visit our website at

Method 2:

Open iTunes or the iBooks app on your iPad.

Go to the store and search for either Leaving Cert or Junior Cert

Its that easy

If you wish, you may print out a copy of the attachment and place it where teachers and exam students may see it. Thanking you for your co-operation.