With a view toward promoting the use if ICT within the school community I am posting a few links that may prove useful.
If teachers are aware of any other useful sites please let me know and I will add them to the list.

One of the key resources that I would encourage teachers to consider would be the school website. It is very easy to upload notes and resources as well as student work. If any teacher would like some assistance in getting started on the web please let me know. Any materials that are uploaded could be password protected if teachers so wish.

Any teachers with a gmail account can consider using google docs for a vast array of presentation and administration tasks. It has the great advantage of being cloud based so it is available to whoever you chose to make it available to from any computer regardless of operating system. It is also very simple to add links work hosted on Google Docs from our website.

Edmodo.com is a very interesting a useful site. It is like an educational Facebook. Teachers can post notes and links to students and vice vearsa.

Prezi.com is relatively new online presentation software, like a powerful powerpoint. Again it is cloud based so presenations are accessible from any computer. It is much more dynamic than other presentation software and is well worth checking out.

Goanimate.com is a very easy to use and free (for basic use) animation software. It is easy to use and could provide a fun platform displaying classwork. see “killing Mr. Reeves”.

Scratch is a programming site developed for second level students by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is not as accessible as a lot of websites but could prove worthwhile. It probable is the way to go as regards entry level programming for our students.

Youtube.com Youtube is very accessible now and worthwhile videos can be shot and uploaded from most phones. It might suit some teachers/subjects to consider uploading some material as a project. see Why do I need a European Language?

Any queries or suggestions please don’t hestitate to let me know.