Leadership refers to the ability to influence other people to go in a particular direction and achieve a particular goal.

Delegation is the passing of authority and responsibility down to others.

An autocratic leader does not like sharing their authority with subordinates but prefer to make most of the decisions themselves

A democratic leader is willing to discuss issues with staff and to delegate power and responsibilities where necessary.

A laissez-faire leader give staff General goals and targets to aim for and then give them the authority to achieve theses in any way they think is best.

Motivation is the willingness of people To work hard and to contribute their best effort.

There are two Theories of Motivation
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs says that all human needs can be arranged in a hierarchy in order of their performance like:

McGregors theory focuses on managers’ attitudes to staff.
Theory X Managers have a negative view that people dislike work and must be forced to do it.

Theory Y Managers have a positive view that people, given the right conditions, can work hard and enjoy it too.