Problem 1
On the final day of his close-out sale, a merchant hastily disposed of two lamps at the bargain price of twelve euro apiece. He estimated that he must have made some profit on the combined transactions since he made a 25% profit on one and only took a 20% loss on the other.
Was he correct in his quick estimate? Explain.

Problem 2
Mary bought a bag of sweets in a shop. On her way out of the shop she met her friend Eileen and generously gave her half her sweets and ate one of the remaining sweets herself. Shortly afterwards she met her friend Joan and very generously gave her half of the sweets she had left and ate one of the remaining sweets herself. On her way home she met two more friends Anne and Hannah and repeated the same process of giving away half of what she had left and eating one of the remaining sweets herself. When she got home she was surprised to discover she had only four sweet left. How many sweets did she buy in the shop.?

Problem 3
Two boys and a man need to cross a river. They only have a canoe. It will hold only the man OR the two boy’s weight. How can they all get across safely?

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