Problem 6
Young Smitherly, who was about to graduate at the head of his class at Upcoming University, was in the pleasant position of having his choice of two very attractive offers – both at €25000 a year. Unable to make up his mind between them immediately, he wrote to the two companies and asked what his chances were for raises over the next five years.
Company A replied to the effect that it would guarantee a raise of €500 every six months for the next 5 years. Company B replied that it would guarantee a raise of €2000 every twelve months for the next five years.
To the astonishment of his father, Smitherly accepted Company A’s offer. Why?

Problem 7
Two types of tea are blended (mixed) to make a new brand for a Tea Company. A certain percentage of Type A (which is sold for €6.50 a box) is mixed with a certain quantity of Type B (sold for €4 a box). The new brand of tea is sold for €5.75 a box. Find the percentage of Type A and Type B that is blended together to form the new brand of tea.

Problem 8
One glass is half full of wine and another glass twice its size is one-quarter full of wine. Both glasses are filled with water and the contents mixed in a third container. What part of the mixture is wine?

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