Problem 4
Aoife said ” Two days ago I was 17 but next year I will be 20″. What is the date today and when is her birthday?
(Today’s date: d d / m m)
(Birthday d d / m m)

Problem 5
In one section of a large school there are 5 classrooms numbered 6 to 10. The classrooms are occupied by the classes 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E.
1A is not in room 6 ; 1B is not in room 10 ; 1C is not in room 6 or in room 10.
1D is in a room with a lower number than 1B. 1C is not next to 1B; 1E is not next to 1C. In which room are each of the classes in?

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