On Friday 27th April, as part of National Spring Clean Week, a contingent of volunteers from various classes in 2nd Year, TYB and the Green Schools Committee undertook a huge cleanup operation. Armed with litter pickers, rubber gloves and various different coloured plastic bags (for the different types of waste), the gallant team braved the cold temperatures and drizzle in order to carry out a massive cleanup of the school grounds, the river bank facing the school and Athy Town Park.

At various times during the morning, they were also helped out by volunteers from other 1st and 2nd Year classes and their teachers. In all, approximately forty refuse bags were filled – a great morning’s work! Thank you to all those civic-minded volunteers and their teachers for their huge effort, and to Kildare Urban District Council and An Taisce for providing us with the necessary equipment and for arranging collection of the waste afterwards.