I am a German soldier who took part in Operation Barbarossa, which
was the German Invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Hitler wanted to invade the Soviet Union because he hated and wanted to more land for the German people this was called lebensraum or living space this land would be exploited for raw materials and for growing crops. Hitler had gained a ten year non aggression pact with the Stalin but this only allowed us half of Poland.

Our attack on Russia began in June 1941 and part of a Panzer tank
squad to lead an attack on Moscow; There were other advances made
on Kiev and Leningrad. We used blitzkrieg tactics- our Luftwaffe planes defeated the soviet planes to give us air superiority; or Panzer tanksmoved rapidly over the wide Russian plains and our infantry mopped up any Russian soldiers.

We heard that Stalin was inspiring his people to fight the great patriotic war. We moved quickly into the Soviet Union because the red army retreated. But they used the scorched-earth policy so they burnt all the food they could not carry, they destroyed bridges and blew up railway lines so that we could not use them. The Wehrmacht troops followed us and they rounded up any Jews that were found they usually were either killed or sent to concentration camps. Some of or troops found evidence of a mass grave Polish army officers killed by the Russians in the Katyn Forest, which the Soviet Union denied that they did this.

Our troops had no trouble taking Kiev, but we slowed down as we advanced towards Moscow and Leningrad. The heavy Autumn rains
muddied the land and after that the snow and ice began to freeze up our lorries, tanks and planes this made things very hard to get even the most basic supplies such as ammunition. We were ill prepared for the harsh winter our uniforms were not warm enough and we lost more men to the frost than Russian bullets.

We halted outside Moscow and Leningrad for the winter. There is talk that Hitler plans to attack Stalingrad and the oil fields of the Caucasus next year but our Fuhrer is stubborn and does not send supplies quick enough I fear that we lose this conflict after all.