In order to facilitate the best standards of behavior and academic excellence for our pupils, all students belong to a Tutor Group. The Tutor is a staff member that assumes an honorary role in overseeing a particular class group.
The tutors regularly check the student diaries and will make notes if a student is falling below their potential. The tutor performs an informal role and the concept is to keep students on track without formal disciplinary proceedings.

In addition each year group is monitored by a year head. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s school life they can ring the school and arrange a meeting with the year head.

Year Heads and Tutors 2015 – 2016
1st Year Year Head Ms. Cambi-McEvoy
2nd Year Year Head Mr. Nolan
3rd Year Year Head MR. Ronan
TY Year Heads MS R O’ BYRNE
5th Year Year Head Ms. Kelly
6th Year Year Head Mr. Flahive

1st Year Tutors
1A Ms. McNeill
1B Ms. Salmon
1C Ms. Hanrick
1D Ms. O’ Connor
1E Ms. Bolger
1F Ms. Walshe

2nd Year Tutors
2A Mr. Watchorn
2B Ms. R O’ Byrne
2C Mr. Buckley
2D Mr. Copeland
2E Ms. Foley
2F Mr. Quinn

3rd Year Tutors
3A Ms. Ní Hutáin
3B Ms. Leahy
3C Ms. Ní Neachtain
3D Ms. Crotty
3E Mr. McEvoy
3F Ms. Roche

TY Tutors
TYA Ms. R O’ Byrne
TYB Ms R O’ Byrne
TYC Ms R O’ Byrne

Ms. O’Byrne

6th Year LCA
Ms. O’Byrne