After our survey was completed by the student body, the student council

collected and reviewed all the suggestions given to us.

We brought the suggestions to Mr. McCormack and these are the results:

• Free Wi-Fi will be brought into the school in September.

However, this is only for first year students with tablets. It

is being looked into to having free Wi-Fi available at lunch


• Locations for extra seating around the school has been

assigned and hopefully will be available after the summer.

• Vending machines are being re-introduced into the school

after the Easter break. These will contain rice cakes, granola

bars and Fair Trade chocolate.

• During the winter months, Mr. McCormack has considered

allowing students to wear school jackets during classes due

to heating complaints.

• It will be arranged for next year to have hot food available

in school at lunch times.

• Maintenance on the running track around the pitch will be

carried out and it has been discussed to have the avenue


• The toilets in the St. John’s social area are being renovated

during the summer due to hygiene issues.

• The issue of the gate at the front of the school has been

brought up and a decision will be reached by the end of the


Thank you to everybody who took part in the survey and helped us to

achieve these improvements to your school.