TY: the story so far. . . .
Transition Year has been very busy so far this year; we have had everything from rock climbing to visiting the elderly. All the students seem to be enjoying the variety of activities and programmes they are involved in and are looking forward to another term of fun.
TY is not just about outings and fun, the students are enjoying a taster programme of all the options for the leaving certificate. Not only that, they are also working hard in their core subjects, learning and developing new skills and enhancing some old ones.
So here is a quick recap of what the TY’s have been up to so far:
? Young Social Innovators: projects have been started for YSI and a number of students have received Justice Training.
? Best Buddies: Interviews for Best Buddies were back in September and now the group have been chosen, trained and are getting started on building their relationships with the buddies from Kare.
? Tuck Shop: Eight students were chosen from all those who applied to run the Tuck Shop for this term. They are doing a fabulous job of keeping all the students in school well fed and hydrated.
? Mini Company: All students have set up their Mini Companies; with ideas ranging from gadgets to hold books open to lava pens. They have also been trained by the Kildare Enterprise board on how to run a successful company and one class has held a cake sale to raise starting capitol.
? Knowledge Awareness Safety Programme (KAS): all students were involved in the KAS programme run by the Carlow Rape Crisis Centre, students learnt about their own personal safety and safety when out socialising.
? Life Skills: On Wednesday afternoons for three classes all students have life skills. Here they learn about team work, leadership and confidence. So far they have been led by their groups around the field blindfolded and done some confidence work in a Drama workshop.
? Carlingford: A highlight for many of the students, we spent two days in Calringford Adventure Centre, students (and teachers) learnt to rock climb, abseil, kayak, build a raft (and keep it afloat), how to work as a team through the terrifying nightline and also through the obstacle course.
? Social Networking Talk: TY students attended a talk on the dangers of social networking and were given advice on keeping themselves safe on the internet.
? Work Experience: Both classes have now completed a week of work experience. This is definitely an eye opener for many of the students, giving them a real insight into the world of work and informing them about career choices in the future. All students received glowing reports from the organisations/companies they were with, well done all!
? Concern Debates: a team of students are working with Mr. Reeves and debating against other schools on many issues.
? Friends of the Elderly: We are working in conjunction with St. Vincent’s Hospital and running a friends of the elderly programme this year. Both classes have been up to visit a new elderly friend in the hospital and have completed an interview about their youth with them. These interviews will be compiled into a pamphlet for our new elderly friends.
? Signs of Life Exhibition: TY’s visited the Signs of Life exhibition in the Carlton Abbey; they really enjoyed learning a little bit of sign language (especially as they were being taught by one of their own).
? Sport: TY’s are on a number of our school sport teams and are working hard toward success.

Up and coming:
? “All Shook Up”: This year’s school musical is starting this week with singing and drama workshops. It will be directed by Ms R O’Byrne with musical direction by Mr Farrell and Ms Carter. TY’s will be heavily involved in all aspects of the show which will hit the stage in February of next year.
? Aware: the charity dealing with depression and suicide will be talking to the TY’s.
? AIB Build a Bank: will be talking to students and TY’s will be setting up a school bank this month.
? Best Buddies: Meet and Greet will also take place, the first of many fun filled evenings with the Best Buddies.
? Drug Awareness: A talk given by the Juvenile Liaison Officer on the dangers and laws regarding to drugs in Ireland.
? Nutrition: A very interesting and worthwhile hour long talk by Positive Nutrition tailored specifically to teenagers.
? Fitness by Design: This organisation will work with the TY’s on their fitness with fitness testing and highlighting areas to improve for each individual student.
? Barnardos: Will talk to the TY’s about the challenges facing young people in Ireland today, with a specific focus on child poverty and child protection.
? Go Karting: A day of racing in up in Dublin, speed and fun all in the one day.
? Saint Vincent de Paul: A talk by the local SVP about poverty in the local area.
? Ice Skating: A little outing to get us in the Christmas mood, students are invited to come to Dublin to enjoy a day of ice skating and do a little last minute shopping in a Christmas market.