Students are expected to respect and wear the school uniform:

• Grey school trousers (Boys)
• School kilt (Girls) knee length or below with black socks or tights. The kilt is the
official uniform.
• Girls may wear trousers for practical purposes. This is an optional extra. It is an addition to having a kilt which must be worn for all official school events.
• White shirt/blouse
• School tie
• School jumper with crest
• School jacket
• Only plain black shoes are permitted. Shoes should not have any stripes or different coloured designs and they should have black soles.
There are no neon or other colours allowed to enhance any part of the uniform that includes socks, laces and attire. Students are expected to be neat and tidy at all times.

A high standard of personal hygiene is essential.

• One pair of stud earrings,one ring and one watch may be worn in school. Piercing tapers are not permitted.
• Students are not permitted to wear face piercing, tongue piercings or visible tattoos.
• Make-up must be discreet
• No unnatural hair colours (e.g. blue, red, green etc.) or two tone hairstyles are permitted. Infractions will be dealt with as follows:
1. Verbal Warning
2. Written Warning
3. Exclusion until rectified.

Extreme haircuts are not permitted. ( e.g. No. 1 blade, Mohican hairstyles etc. ) and students may be refused entry to school at the discretion of school management until the hairstyle is rectified.


Parents/Guardians and Students should note the following:
Students will require indoor and outdoor sports gear, including non-marking laced runners for use in the P.E. hall.
Parents are asked to note:
(a) The uniform will be checked every day.
(b) Inside the school building, students may only wear the school uniform.
(c) If your son/daughter is not wearing the full uniform, he/she must have a note from you explaining why.
(d) Such notes will be valid for a maximum of two days. If your son/daughter does not have the uniform after two days, he/she is to be kept home until such time as he/she has the full uniform.
(e) If a student attends school without the full uniform and he/she does not have a note from you he/she will be liable to suspension. We appeal for your co-operation in this endeavour of ours to create good order and a happy learning environment for your son/daughter.