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General information on the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Information on the disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS):

‘Cold hard facts’ on the Ice Bucket Challenge from Web Strategist:

Comments about the challenge as a fundraising/awareness raising tool:

“Throwing cold water on Ice Bucket Philanthropy” (NPQ) – This article summarises the main criticisms:

“Viral memes shouldn’t dictate our charitable giving” (Vox) – Memes and celebrities drive us to donate, but we should really focus on a charity’s effectiveness:

“Critics pour cold water on the ice bucket challenge. Are they right?” (The Conversation):

“Is Asia missing the point of the ice bucket challenge? – Taiwanese sufferer of ALS voices criticism” (Rocket News):

“Take the No Ice Bucket challenge” (Slate) – The No Ice Bucket Challenge: donating without taking a photo of yourself:

“Why I’m not doing the #icebucketchallenge or donating for ALS” (Humanospehere):

“Pouring cold water on the Ice Bucket Challenge” (Irish Times, 23 August) – This article is just a rant, really:

“In defense of the Ice Bucket Challenge” (Florida Alligator):

“In defense of the ice bucket challenge” (Chicago Now):

“In defense of the silly, shallow ALS ice bucket challenge.” (The Daily Dot):

“Why I’m defending the ice bucket challenge” (

“Why I’m deeply grateful for the ice bucket challenge” (Forbes):

The institutional perspective:

“Ice Bucket Challenge: Can other non-profits reproduce it?” (Beth Kanter):

“How your charity can replicate the ice bucket challenge” (Change Fundraising):

Comments about scarcity:

“Is the ice bucket challenge a waste of water and money?” (Grist):

“The ice bucket challenge isn’t a waste of water and this chart proves it” (Vox):

“The ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ reminds the world how scarce clean water is in India”:

Other challenges:

Actor Orlando Jones’ challenge on hatred and prejudice (Huffington Post):

Actor Matt Damon used toilet water for the ice bucket challenge to highlight sanitation (Independent):

“No ice. Gaza is doing the rubble bucket challenge.” (Dazed):

“Could we create an Ice Bucket Challenge for global development? Should we? (Oxfam America: