Concern Debates League Phase 2016-2017

Any TY students interested in debating this year, please send me an email with a brief speech, (at least two well argued points) to

You may write your speech in favour or against the following motion.

Motion: Ending World Hunger by 2030 is an Impossible Dream

Research links to get you started:
Don’t forget to research the other side of the motion too, to have an idea of what angle the other team might take!
Concern Worldwide’s online document is a great place to start. Make sure to check out the web resources and additional readings suggested throughout:

World Hunger Education Service’s website contains facts, statistics, concepts and definitions:

End World Hunger (EWH) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating and inspiring people to support grass root projects that work with farmers and farm families to feed themselves and their communities without in food vulnerable countries. Check out facts and figures on:

World Food Programme has an in-depth subsection on hunger:

The News Hub – Seventy Years of World Hunger:

TRT World News – UN says 5 million suffer from hunger in Somalia:


Waiting for Godan – Sharing Open Data to Tackle World Hunger:

Washington Post – Venezuela Has Solved its Hunger Problem? Don’t Believe the U.N.’s Numbers:

ABC News – World Hunger Cannot Be Solved With More Food:

Check out Realistic Approaches to World Hungry by United Nations University:

Bread for the World – Climate Change Will Increase World Hunger:

World Hunger is the Result of Politics, Not Production


In The Opec Fund for International Development (July 2016) students will find highly informative special feature article Zero Hunger by 2030:

The Guardian – Ending World Hunger is Possible – So Why Has it Not Been Done?

BBC News – Global Open Data Call to Deliver World Food Security:

The Guardian – Eight Ways to Solve World Hunger:

Check out World Hunger Programme’s 10 Ways to Feed the World:

Read this alternative blog on why World Hunger Can Be Solved With a Vegetarian Diet: