Company Report

Junior Achievement Reports need to be emailed by Feb 7th 2014.

All Ardscoil mini companies must keep accurate accounts of all mini-company activity.

Click here to open an accounts template.
Copy and paste the spreadsheet into a new google docs. file.

At the end of trading the school should be paid a 20% tax of Final Net Profits,

Clear, Concise and Confident!

The company report is an opportunity to summarise the important aspects of your company. It is an important

record of what you have learned from the initial set up of your company, your product, marketing and financial

information on the company, achievements and lessons learned along the way.

Throughout the Junior Achievement Company Programme student workbook, there are detailed guidelines

on how to prepare the company report. Below is a summary of what is required but please refer to the student


Include the following details on the cover page:

1. Name of company

2. Name of school

3. The time period for which your company was/is in operation

4. Volunteer name and volunteer company

You may include an appropriate graphic on the cover of the report and a company logo

The report should contain the following sections:

Section 1 – The Executive Summary

Section 2 – Product/service Description

Section 3 – Mission Statement and Table of Contents

Section 4 – Sales and Marketing

Section 5 – Financial Information*

Section 6 – Highlights and Achievements

* Financial information MUST include Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet (Liquidation Balance Sheet

if applicable) and Cash Flow Statement. Allow sufficient space for these in the financial statements. Samples

of this can be found in the student workbooks. Extra materials can be found:


We recommend showing photos of your production, the finished product and examples of teamwork.

Brief Report Guidelines

? The font of the report should be Arial, size 12

? Each page should be numbered (centred in page footer)

? All sections detailed must be completed

? Students must follow the recommended length for each section

Section 1 – The Executive Summary ½ a page long

Section 2 – Product/service Description ½ a page long

Section 3 – Mission Statement and Table of Contents ½ a page long

Section 4 – Sales and Marketing 1 page long

Section 5 – Financial Information* 1 page long

Section 6 – Highlights and Achievements ½ page – 1 page long

? The maximum length of the report is 6 pages. Cover page is extra. (no appendix)

? Companies are encouraged to include photographs of their product or service or other relevant items

? Include photographs, graphs, charts, diagrams and additional subtitles where relevant

? The report should read as a single business-like document, not as a series of repetitive director’s reports

? The report must be written by students and should be original and innovative in approach

? The report must be saved as a word or PDF document and state clearly the business name and school address

Please send your completed reports to

Remember refer to the detailed guidelines on the company report in the Junior Achievement Company

Programme student workbook page 38.