A decision was taken this year to delay handing out Junior Cert results until the end of the school day while students went for a hike in Glendalough.

The Principal, Mr McCormack, explained in a letter to parents the thinking behind this initiative…

“Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the many issues around the distribution of results and the safety of our young students. It can also be extremely difficult for them to concentrate on their studies during the morning as their nerves may be tingling in anticipation. We, as educators are concerned about handing out results too early, especially when parents are working and unable to collect their child from school.

To counteract these issues we have decided this year to delay the distribution of result until 3 pm. and to take all of the students away on the day for a hike to Glendalough. We believe that this fun day will be a lovely way for students to enjoy themselves under teacher supervision and also to give them a chance to walk off any nerves they may have with their friends”

On their return, students were delighted with their results. Opinion on the hike was very positive; one student felt “the hike helped take away the nervousness” while another expressed the view it “was hard enough but it kept us busy”. Other students admitted they were not looking forward to the hike or were nervous about it but said “it kept us calm and took our mind off everything”

While one parent expressed concern it may “put too much pressure on the kids” the overall consensus among parents was very positive with one parent saying it was a “brilliant idea” and hoped “they will all sleep tonight”

To celebrate their success students had planned to do a variety of things with family and friends but before any of that could happen, one student said he would have to go home and milk the cows first!