Fibre Broadband
Unlike the majority of broadband connections in Ireland, which use telephone lines or mobile
networks, fibre-optic broadband is transferred along special cables underground. The signals
move a lot faster than they do along copper cables and offer speeds of up to 150Mb
You can:
Downlooad a 100Mb album in 16 seconds
Download a 10Gb movie in 7 minutes
Take part in multiplayer games with dozens of players
Download games in less than 2 minutes
In Ireland the fibre-optic servicce is notavailable everywhere, and is mostly on offer in urban
You can expect speeds of up to 50Mb with a regular fibre-optic connection. The fibre-optic
line runs from the provider to the junction box outside your house, at which point regular
copper cables run inside your house.
If you arre lucky enough to have a fibre connectionto your home, the fibre-optic cables run
all the way into your house and provide much faster speeds of up to 150Mb. Compare deals
and speeds in your area.