Minutes from meeting held in November were read.
Items arising from minutes:-
Money collected from school raffle was 7,075 euro. Richard thanked everybody for all of their hard work.
Prizes not collected / Unclaimed prizes – Margaret to check what happened to these.
Updating of Website – Nicola will email Margaret with a summary of the minutes from the meeting in November & tonight’s meeting.
Speakers who came into the school – poor attendance. What steps can be made to try & encourage parents to attend?
Cyber safety speaker – did the money for this speaker come from the committees funds – Margaret to check?
Photographs of previous debs nights:- Maria had got a price for these photographs. It was discussed other avenues of compiling these:-
Text to all parents of 6th year students – Margaret to organise
Mr Redmond – Edith said she would ask Mr Redmond would he have any photographs
Local Papers – Margaret to contact & ask

LCA wrote a letter to the committee thanking for their support in their garden project.
Born Na Mona gave a pallet load of bark which Maria had organised. Gerry – from the Garden centre beside the golf club came up & gave advice to the students.
It was discussed that when the garden is in full bloom that we get a photograph & get it put up on the website.
Issues occurring outside the school grounds – John suggested that the school look into putting up cameras/ even dummy cameras at the school gates. The council may do this for the school?
Traffic Management – a discussion arose about the whole aspect of traffic into & out of the school.
Maria felt that where the buses parked needed to be formalised – there was a feeling that where some of the buses park lead to difficulties.
Zebra Crossing near school gates – Fiona queried if it would be possible to get the council to repaint these lines & put up flashing lights?
Students Toilets – Richard had meet a number of the students from the students council – one of the items that arose during the meeting was school toilets – school toilets are currently being painted / revamped.
Defibrillator – there is a defibrillator in the school. A group of teachers are going for retraining in the use of this. Richard asked if it could be investigated how many defibrillators should be in a school with x number of pupils. If there was a need for a second one Richard suggested that his could be covered with funds from the Parents committee.
Autistic Unit – Margaret to have an update for the next meeting.
Principals Report was read this – this covered the following items:-
Xmas raffle
6th years xmas lunch
Xmas exams
Carol service
2018 enrolment
Entrance test for 1st years .
ASTI ballot
TY September 2017 – meeting held
Junior Cert Mocks/ Leaving Cert mocks
Ceist bake off
Donation to Vincent de Paul
Defibrillator training

FINANCIAL REPORT: – 12,392.40 money in account.

Date for next meeting set.